Roller derby is a very exciting game. But there are people out there who don’t know much about it. Whether you are new to roller derby or have some experience with it, you will find something new to learn when you read books about roller derby. Here are some books recommended for you.

Derby Life

By – Margot Atwell

This is a must-read book for roller Derby enthusiasts. The book provides information about the history of roller derby, the strategies for winning, gears needed, overcoming challenges, and dealing with injuries. The book is written by an expert skater and so you will get genuine advice here.

The Roller Derby Athlete

By – Ellen Parnavelas

Here you will know how the game of roller derby has evolved from being a fun game to a combat sport. The game provides nutrition, exercise, and fitness required by female athletes. You will get suggestions about the supplements as well.

The author is an experienced skater who started from knowing nothing to becoming an internationally recognised player.

Roller Derby 101

By – Punchy O’Guts

This is a one-stop guide for the coaches of roller derby. The book provides detailed lesson plans and checklists for training. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is about the skating skills, the second part is about pack stating, and the third one is about scrimmage skills. If you are new to coaching, then you should read this book.

The Business of Roller Derby

By – Punchy O’Guts

Here you will know how to set up and manage a training committee. You will know what the committee members’ jobs will be. Here you will find the best practices of training and how to provide feedback. The book will help you to create a curriculum, itinerary, and other things related to training.

Mental Toughness Tips

By – Naomi Sweetart Weitz, Skyler Dean Weitz

Here you will get hundreds of tips on mental toughness which is essential for playing roller derby. The book is very easy to read, and the roller derby player can pick up the book to get some advice. The book will help to optimise performance, increase focus, reduce self-doubts, and manage difficult emotions.

These books are very informative and will help skaters and roller derby enthusiasts to learn more about the game. The skaters can improve their performance by reading these books.