How To Tackle Roller Derby Game-Day Anxiety

If you have participated in a roller derby competition, then you will know what game-day anxiety is. This is very natural, and many people experience it, so you are not alone. Such anxiety can affect your performance and so you need to know how to tackle it. Here are some steps you can take to improve your self-confidence and get rid of anxiety.

Acknowledge the condition

When you have such a feeling, don’t try to avoid it. Accept that you are feeling in such a way and decide what you must do to get rid of such uncomfortable feelings. You should look at your teammates and try to get inspiration from them.

Make a routine

You should make a routine about your daily activities. You must start the day with a warmup. This way the body gets ready for your game. You should set up specific times for exercise and breaks. During your break, you can play online casino games at

A few online slots games or placing a bet or two on a derby race is sure to release some tension. Get your mind of the game and spin a few reels, play a few hands, and win a bit of money.

Think positively

Don’t let any negative feelings cloud your brain. You should think positively about the game-day and believe that you will win. You should be confident that you can give your best performance on that day, and nothing can go wrong. If you can create a positive mindset, then you won’t feel anxiety.

Have fun

Instead of being tense when playing, have fun. Winning and losing are part of the game and you shouldn’t worry too much about the outcome. Instead, just focus on playing well and enjoying.

These simple tips will help you to overcome the anxiety that you might feel on the day of the game. If you can control your mind, then your performance will be better.