Tips for Becoming a Better Roller Derby Coach

To be a good roller derby player, you need to be well trained. You should get into a good roller derby club where the coach is experienced. There is high demand for the coach as roller derby has become a popular game today. If you have been a good roller derby player and have won several tournaments, then you can become a coach. Here are some tips to become a good coach.

Make a plan

You should plan your sessions and decide what to include in each session. You should have the desired outcome in mind by looking at the player or team. This will help you to teach the right skills at the right time so that the players can reach their overall goal.

Tailor language to the group

You should use language properly when coaching so that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. You shouldn’t confront too much; that way the players will feel comfortable around you. You should be polite and empathetic. You should understand the problems the players are facing and motivate them with positive language.

Include the group

When coaching, include the group. That way the players will be motivated. For example, if someone in the team is good at something, then ask that person to demonstrate the skill. That way it will be more comfortable for the team members to learn from that person.

Break into small parts

You should split the group depending on the skill. That way the players will learn skills more easily and won’t feel the pressure on them to learn playing roller derby quickly. It will give them the space and time they need to learn new skills.

Accept different learning styles

The learning styles of people may differ. You should be aware of it and accept the different ways people learn. Some people keep on trying until they get everything right. Others break down the exercises and do the bits first.

Provide feedback

After you have taught a new skill to the players, you should provide feedback. Otherwise, the players won’t know whether they are doing things the right way. The feedback you give will also motivate them to do well.

If you follow these tips, then you can become a good roller derby coach. A good coach can train up a winning team and that’s what you can do.

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