How To Survive Roller Derby Competitions

Participating in a roller derby tournament can be very stressful and needs a lot of planning and preparation. Here are some tips on how you can survive a roller derby tournament.

Make a pre-tournament schedule

You should first make a pre-tournament schedule so that you have enough time to prepare along with your team for the tournament. You must adapt your training to sleep, nutrition, rest, and hydration for many weeks before you go for the tournament.

Visit the venue

Before the tournament, you should find out where the venue is. When you book a lodge, it should be near the venue so that you can reach the venue within a short time. The basic amenities like a restaurant, supermarket, and hospital must be nearby.

You must go to the venue before the tournament to see the condition of the skate floor. You can do a team warm-up before the tournament if the venue management allows. That way, you will know whether your skate wheels are well suited for the skate floor or not.

Do your packing

The night before the tournament, make sure that you pack your bag properly. You must carry all your gear. Take a small towel, a bottle of water, and some snacks. These will be helpful during the breaks. Make sure you take all the accessories necessary like a wrist guard, helmet, pads, mouth guard, and other things.

Take rest

Don’t stress yourself too much the day before the tournament. Do some light exercise and practice. You should have a good night’s sleep so that you feel refreshed the next morning. Make sure you sleep early.

Eat and hydrate properly

You should eat nutritious food to gain strength and energy. As roller derby is a very fast-paced game, you need a lot of energy to survive throughout the tournament. So, make sure you eat on time and the right kind of meal. Also, hydrate properly. You must drink lots of water throughout the day. That way you won’t feel exhausted.

These tournaments will teach you more skills and strategies about the game which will make you a better player. But make sure you prepare well for it.

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